Seasonal Salad with Red Bean, Curd Cheese, and Red Onion

Ready in about: 7 minutes | Serves: 4


1 lb. Canned Beans

7 oz Cheese curd

1 Limon

4 oz Arugula

2 fl. oz Olive oil

2 oz Red onion

2 Garlic, cloves

Pepper black ground, to taste


Take two cans of red beans, drain the juice from it and rinse with cold water.

Mix the beans with finely chopped red onions, herbs, garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, and curd cheese.

Salt, pepper and leave to mix.

Nutritional info per serving:

Calories: 134 Kcal Fat: 7.6 g. | Protein: 7.1 g. | Carbs: 9 g.