Spaghetti al Crudo

Ready in about: 15 minutes | Serves: 4


1 lb. Spaghetti

3 Tomato

4 fl. oz Olive oil

5 Anchovy fillets, pieces

4 tbsp Olive

2 oz. Basil

tbsp Capers

2 tbsp Tomato juice

Pepper black ground, to taste


Put all the ingredients, except for spaghetti and basil, in a saucepan, cover with three spoons of olive oil – this is about 70 grams, mix, but do not heat. Try, salt and pepper.

Bring the water to a boil in a large saucepan, add salt (a little less than usual, as anchovies will add an extra salty taste later) and put the pasta into it. Boil for about a minute less than what is indicated on the pack, to the state of al dente.

While the pasta is boiling, place the stew-pan with the tomatoes and everything else on the saucepan with the pasta so that the steam heats them a bit and they are infused.

When the paste is ready, drain the water, but do not completely pour it out. Mix the pasta with the ingredients of the sauce, adding a little water in which the pasta was boiled, if necessary so that the mixture does not turn out to be steep. Add the remaining olive oil and mix again.

Add basil leaves in a saucepan and mix them with pasta. After that serve immediately.

Nutritional info per serving:

Calories: 115 Kcal Fat: 7.7 g. | Protein: 6.2 g. | Carbs: 2 g.